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Muthupandian @muthugit
2023-02-12 2023-02-12

My pair programming experience

I would like to share my Pair programming exercise with you!

I believe that building a product along with a team is more powerful than building it alone. I had some chances to participate in pair programming in my experience.

  1. [I was the driver] While I started learning ATG (Oracle commerce), there was one workstation provided and two people were allocated. We learned ATG as fast as possible in one month which was the most efficient and productive learning experience I had.

  2. [I was the navigator] The second experience with my Technical Lead who was very strong in the ATG platform. When he was building the application, I was just looking into his process. My role was to understand the system as well as identify the issues on the go.

  3. [I was the navigator] The Soda bot experience. Actually we can not say that is the pair programming but we work as a team and we were able to showcase the demonstration within 16hours (from ideation to demonstration).

  4. [I was the driver] In Datacloud, there was a production issue while we were upgrading the Clickhouse version. My technical lead and myself solved the major issue in 2hours remotely.

  5. [I was the driver] Another incident in Datacloud, we tried to change the architecture of the application. My technical lead and myself tried to set up the new application instance with different architecture. That was a good experience for me to understand the full product flow.

  6. [I was the driver] Before entering into my technical field, I’ve designed six magazines using this approach. Even Though designing was my passion, I design along with the customer (Medical college students). They (more than 10 persons) act as the navigators (sitting behind me and watching what I am doing) to provide the contents and give suggestions on the design and layout which I designed. I still remember, during my MBA time, I designed a complete magazine (~200 pages) in 36 continuous hours without sleep. (That was the first success I faced in my life, that, more than 1000 audience for the book which I’ve designed)

  7. [I was the driver] Ara and myself designed a lot of marketing materials (countless) in a fast manner using this approach.

  8. [I was the driver] That was a good experience while Ara and myself designed ERD for Akridata. We designed the whole ERD in one/two hour, I guess. That was my first experience in designing ERD for a whole application in a short time.

Even though, these are very minor incidents, these all are very important in my life.

If you’ve any experience like this, please share.