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Muthupandian @muthugit
2023-02-12 2023-02-12

The industries like E-Commerce is struggling in maintain the BIG servers. They are investing HUGE amount of money in BIG servers even if there are no sales for the month.

Their server is running 24x7x365 of a year without any reason. Means, even if there are no traffic to the server, they are paying.

This is the one major reason behind the Server-less Architecture. Even though, the “PAY-AS-YOU-GO” model, they are paying for the basic infrastructure as a FIXED amount.

They can’t downsize the server in a single hour even not in a single Day.

What is Server-less Architecture? You can ask the question to me, that,

How the computations happen without Server?

Server-less not the meaning of no computation. But there will be a physical server for the computation but that is not in our control. The Server-less service provider like (AWS/Google) they maintain the high computational servers from their side. They allow us to execute the micro-services in these physical server whenever we want.

Mainly, the server-less applications are the collections of the Micro-services (Functions). We can build the application with these micro-services like PriceCalculator(), Login().

How it works?

The main functionality of the micro-services are

Get the input and Execute Return the output. We can build the server-less architecture in two ways During building these kinds of server-less architecture we’ve to think about the PERFORMANCE & COST of the execution. Based on that, we can choose any one of the following approaches

Separate micro-services for each functionality One micro-service to control all the functionalities Who are the service providers?

There are three major service providers available in market

Amazon Web Services (Lambda functions) Google Firebase (Firebase functions) Microsoft (Azure functions) Out of these three Google Firebase is the FREE.

In the later blog, I’ll share more details about each services with the better comparisons.